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I didnt realize how much I dont get out these days. Last night I broke out of my usual rut and ventured out with a friend to see "Dancing with the stars" show. Ir was fabulous, and I felt alive again. The music was great, the dancing great, and we had terrific seats right by the dance floor. :dance:

I think I need to do something different every now and then because its good and healthy to do so. I didnt realize what a rut I had been in, till I got out.
Do you find yourselves in a rut, or do you get out and live and do different things? I know for me, money is a huge factor in why I dont do much...

The ticket was free for me but I split the cost of the parking which was $30.00. I think its crazy that they charge that for parking, but they get it..
I'm very much in a rut. I know what you mean about money too. I took Abigail to the library this past Monday and that was kind of fun. Just something a little different. But mostly we just stay home. I think it is good and healthy to do different things too.


Janet, I go 2 libraries a LOT! Its free and I love to read so thats one good thing. I am sure its wonderful for your daughter too, and you. Opens up a whole new world..


When my children were young one of their favourite places to go was the library. It was close enough for us to walk to and offered quite a number of free programs for children. Sometimes they had a reading program with a small prize for every five books they read. We would walk to the library almost every day - hand in hand - a treasure of memories, and so many wonderful books we read. :heart: Mari
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