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Most of you probably don't know that one of my other passions is web design and promotion, and my persona in that hobby is Minstrel (a long time internet nickname for me based on my passion for writing and playing music, primarily guitar).

Jeremy, aka Guy From Chicago, aka Forum Junkie, has just published an interview with me at :eek:)


Just read your interview Dr Baxter. Very interesting!! I'll best Christmastime was a blast at your house with 12 siblings! lol!


It's a great interview, David with some good insights into forum management which I will share with my colleagues on the TSFC Forum.

I think one does build up some real friendships in online communities. I often wonder how well most of them would survive translation to the real world but I don't know the answer to that.

My experience has been positive in this respect, particularly with the RV Forum in which I have participated and moderated since the early 90's.

Many of us have formed long lasting and close friendships over the years from our contact on the Forum.

Perhaps the potential for successful offline relationships spawned by online contacts depends on the nature of the Forum.

Thank you for sharing this!


Interesting. I was hoping to hear something about your music. I play guitar, also -- a lot of blues and Grateful Dead type music.


I hadn't seen this thread before. That was really a great interview, and I really enjoyed the little sparks of humor from both you and the interviewer. All in all, a great read! :)