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my caseworker told me she thought i would be a good candidate for dialectical behavioural therapy, but that it will involve alot of work. i really want to learn to pervcieve things and react differently to situations. has anyone had any success with this therapy?

David Baxter PhD

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I have not used it personally but I do know a young woman who seems to have benefitted significantly from this approach. It is said to be the treatment of choice for borderline personlaity disorder.
thanks. i'm going to try it, it seems hard for me lately to do anything that doesn't have an immediate reward, hopefully this will help.
The last therapist I saw told me to look into DBT.

I moved and have not yet found a new therapist. I going to wait until my insurance kicks in. But I plan on finding one that practices I think it would be the most helpful for me. I still do not know a lot about it though. I don't really stick to therapy, but I'm going to try this next time.

Just wondering if anyone has done DBT or not.

David Baxter PhD

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There is another approach which is receiving attention as perhaps more effective than DBT - see [GOOGLE]Schema Therapy (Google)[/GOOGLE].


I have been in DBT therapy for almost a year and my family and friends say I am a different person in a good way. I too can see the improvement. All I can say is go for it!
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