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What truly defines a panic attack or anxiety attack. How are they alike or different?

Can you rule out other things that could cause breathing issues? Asthma, etc..

A gauntlet of tests have been run on my heart. All appears ok, even the MR seems to be fine and not interfering with the breathing.

It wakes me up. I can have it first thing in the morning.

Just tired of doctors and tests. very tired. Ever get like that?

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The term "anxiety attack" (and to a lesser extent the term "panic attack") doesn't really have a precise definition. Sometimes, the two are used to mean the same thing. Other times, people distinguish the two primarily along the dimension of intensity.

See this Wikipedia description, which is pretty good.


They're both pretty awful, however you define them.

My short version - I live with a constant undercurrent of anxiety, but, under stress, or in situations where I am triggered, it erupts into panic - fight-flight-freeze-edness.


How often do you find that you're awakened by these problems, Mom? Have you ever worn a Holter monitor?

They have done a holter monitor and the heart track one. Nothing showed up on them. They just did an echo stress with dopamine (SP?) that was the worst test I have even went through, and all was fine.

The pulmonary doc is scheduling a plain echo, looking for crest syndrome and pulmonary hypertension. And he is supposed to be testing me for asthma. I haven't received that testing date yet though.

As far as how often it wakes me up? Maybe a few times a month. And I find that the breathing is also weather related as well. When this storm was incoming i had difficult with the breathing not doing so well.

If it was just panic/anxiety, it would not be weather related. Though I am sure that is there. I know the inability to feel like you are breathing can cause the anxiety, and when a lot is going on I have difficulty.

When it is just plain anxiety/panic the diazepam works, when it isn't the diazepam doesn't work.

At least all is ok with the heart. Other then the mitral valve regurgitation. They said that is too mild to create the shortness of breath, and all testing indicates that it isn't causing a problem.
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