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Dr. E. Fuller Torrey speaks
By Treatment Advocacy Center
Mon, Jul 2 2007

Dr. Torrey made a major presentation to a crowd of about 700 people at the NAMI Convention in San Diego last month. His talk, entitled The Causes And Consequences Of Our Failure To Treat Individuals With Severe Psychiatric Disorders :acrobat: was received enthusiastically. Advocates were motivated to return to their home states and advocate early and sustained treatment for the most severely ill in their families and communities. One advocate wrote:

I attended the NAMI National Conference in San Diego and was fortunate to hear Dr. Fuller Torrey speak. I agreed with everything he had to say. What a wonderful dedicated soul. We need more like him and you!!!​


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This is great to have the talk available to everyone!

Some people (including mental health professionals) do not believe that there is a subgroup of people with psychotic disorders who suffer greatly because they are not treated appropriately....and the families stand at the bottom of the river trying to pull their loved ones out. Some fall in themselves.

There has to be a balance of care with the most severely ill given services equal to those who can voluntarily advocate for their own care.

There has to be care geared to individual needs not blanket philosophies.


This is wonderful! A highly motivating speech! Now, let's just hope it gets things going in the right direction. Proactive treatment for mental illness is something that has been sorely needed for a long time.
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