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"Disruption to life functioning need not occur. If psychosis is detected early, many problems can be prevented.

Current treatments are so effective that almost every individual can recover from a first episode of psychosis! The earlier the disorder is treated, the greater the chance of a successful recovery.

If left untreated, there is greater disruption to the person’s family, friendships, study and work. Other problems may also occur or intensify, such as unemployment, depression, substance abuse, breaking the law and causing injury to him/herself. In addition, delays in treatment may lead to a slower and less complete recovery.

Psychosis can disrupt a very critical stage of a young person’s life. Adolescents and young adults are just starting to develop their own identity, form lasting relationships, and make serious plans for their careers and future. Being able to treat psychosis early greatly increases the person’s odds of being able to enjoy a healthy and productive future."

Excerpt from the following site on Early Intervention in British Columbia:

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But that is becoming increasingly recognized in recent years. In Ottawa, there is now a unit especially for first psychotic episodes (I can't recall the name off hand) to provide emergency intervention and education for the family and patient.



I have heard Dr Roy present about his First Episode Clinic a few times. It's a good presentation. Here is the clinic website for others who may be interested:

I think this is an important area of treatment for psychotic illnesses. Although some would argue that there are a few people who have one episode of psychosis and never have another one without treatment of medication, others view it as playing Russion Roulette to just wait and see what happens without treatment.

There is no way to determine who those few that will only have one episode would be and the majority will continue with progression of the illness.

The Ontario government is placing funding into early intervention programs so that rural areas will have access to these clinics as well.

Here is another site that was developed by young people for young people:
Health Industry - Health Industry Blog


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Ah. Thanks, Judy!

Isn't the internet amazing? I don't know what the thing in Ottawa is called but Judy in Toronto can not only supply the answer but also the link to the website... :eek:)
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