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I've been having these episodes a few times a week...I'm not quite sure what they are. Since I haven't been able to make that appointment with a doctor, I'd appreciate any tips/advice/information any of you could give me.

In these episodes, I feel extremely destabilized, my stomach filled with the most horrible feeling I've ever had - worse than that lingering emptiness we all feel at some point. It's like fear mixed with disgust and intense guilt. Something like that. Sometimes I feel jittery just under the surface of my skin - I can usually handle that. But this practically all-consuming. I feel like something horrible is going to happen, yet logically I know it won't. I simply feel as if I can't stay in my body - as if I can't live with myself. And I fear it won't stop and that I'll lose control and will be like that forever. It takes about 10 minutes for me to get over it. I did my best today and didn't make that cut - I waited it out and just grabbed my head, rocked back and forth on the floor (gosh that sounds insane). It doesn't feel strong enough to be a panic attack (I don't think I've had those), but it's still horrible. I even skipped work today because I was afraid it would happen again there (well, there were other practical reasons as to why I skipped work :p).

Is there any way to prevent these things from happening? I started getting these over winter, but they seem to be getting worse. I'm not here for pity parties or self-esteem boosts. I just want to regain control over myself.

Thanks for listening!


Hi Vivien;
It sounds like an anxiety attack, which can manifest itself as irrational fear of something, real, imagined, or unseen. Have you tried to isolate and identify what triggers that reaction? One way would be to keep a journal as to what is happening in your life and noting when you experience this type of reaction. Once the particular trigger is identified, you will have other options. Tackle it yourself, with help of the therapist or even your own doctor, and/or medication if necessary.
I'll try to pay more attention next time. I noticed it usually happens when I'm alone and don't know what to do with myself or am stressing about how to deal with somebody. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Specifically, it sounds like a description of a panic attack (see panic disorder). It can be successfully treated with a combination of appropriate medication and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).


[I used to get those I believe they are anxiety attacks and they happen for no reason sometimes. I felt weird and depressed for no reason at all believe me I had a wonderful life and family. I took medication this happened 20 years ago and I feel great but I am on medication. It is just like any disorder sometimes you have to stay on medication. I am taking Paxil. I have a great llife. You just have to keep telling yourself that you will get better. But see a doctor dont put yourself through these episodes.
Ive been there


Yup. Sounds like a panic attack to me. Probably best to see your doctor as soon as you can and get some medication to help you deal with the problem.
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