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I've been getting this sometimes lately. When I try to reply to a topic, I get an error message that says something like "Error! You have already submitted this message (I haven't submitted it or pressed the post button or anything)." It says go back or something like that. Then when I go back the post is gone.

Is anyone else having this problem?

David Baxter PhD

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I have seen that intermittently - usually when my internet connection is slow and/or there's a lot of traffic on the forum.

I think the servers (not just mine but all over the past few weeks) are being hit by "virus" probes or hacking attempts - they aren't getting through but they are adding to the number of "connections" to the server.


Janet, i used to get that particular msg a lot.. it's so frustrating!! but i believe david could be right about attempted hackers or virus probes. "Norton" has stopped numerous attempts in the past 2 weeks (virus's) from attacking my p.c.

while i'm thinking of this, just a note, David, i did download the other sofware to help protect my p.c, and i'm afraid i had to remove them shortly afterward.. my p.c got so slow i couldn't stand it. So I'm stickking with Norton for now.

another note: I still have "you have a new msg" ect.. when I log on, even tho i have no new msgs, probably a result of the same probs mentioned above maybe??

janet: over here, just after 6pm is the busiest time for internet connections.. and does lead to a much slower connection and refresh rate. I wonder if the same could apply to you. Trial and error maybe the only way to figure this out. :)




I know what you are talking about the last couple of weeks I got it all the time. Now when I type a post I block it and copy it just in case it happens and I lose what I have typed. Too many times it has happened where I have lost my message when I went back and it is very frustrating. Now after I copy it if the error message occurs I just have to paste it again and it works fine.

Just my suggestion of what I have found that works!
Mine does that, but its because someone else post gets there befor mine. Or like today I tried to post something and it said server busy or some kind of connection problem. Some times my connection is slow even on broadban.
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