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Hi guys, my first post in this forum.

I have a problem, that started a few years ago. I'm currently 19 years old and in college. My problem is that if I cook something on my gas stove and TURN IT OFF afterwards -- later on, I still feel like I haven't turned off the gas. This may sound weird, but let me put it in a story:

8:00 AM ... Turn Stove on

8:01 AM ... Fry something on a skillet

8:05 AM ... Finished frying. Now I've turned off the stove

8:10 AM ... (When I'm in another place, but the kitchen) -- Get paranoid if I turned off the gas or not.

Basically, that's what happens. And another thing that I do is after 8:05 AM, after I turn of the stove, I have to keep rechecking it by making sure the dial is at the position. I have four dials, for four different individual stove cooking things. I can see that they're all off, but I have this feeling that I have to keep checking for a while. Only until 3-4 minutes, will I leave the stove and finally be convinced that it's off. I still check the ones that I haven't even used.

What I've also done, other than repeadtly turning the dial to the off position as many times, is put my hand over the stove to prove to myself that theres NO FIRE, and everything is ok. It's weird, because I think that would be the most assuring, considering I can later recall, that "Oh, I did put my hand on top of the 4 individual stoves and didnt get burned... so that means it's off!". But I still have this problem.

I think this started a few months ago because I would hear stories in my neighborhood about how some people would leave their gas on while cooking, then fall asleep -- only to find out their house has been burned down and they've lost everything. I also used to get badgered by my parents to make sure I turn the gas off before I leave the house when going to H.S... I just get paranoid because I don't want the house to be burned down, so I must constantly check.


Another small issue (not as big as compared to the one above) is with the faucet. I just double-check that the faucet is off, whereas before once I turned it off, I knew it was off. Sometimes (not all the times), I go back and check that it's in the off position -- in fear that I don't want the house to get flooded.


I dont know if you guys can help me or have had similiar issues. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Stonecold and first of all welcome to Psychlinks :welcome2:

What you have described about having to check and double check things could be a sign of Obssessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) but this is something that should be discussed and diagnosed through your doctor.

I am sure that in time you will come to meet people on here that can relate to what you have described and may be able to offer their personal experiences. I know for myself that when my anxiety starts to spike, I begin to count things around me for no apparent reason. This is an automatic indicator for me that my anxiety is beginning to get out of control.

You may want to read more about OCD on this forum but I do encourage you to speak to your doctor about the behaviours that you describe above if you find that they are troublesome to you. As it has been said before on this forum, many people have OCD tendencies however a diagnoses of OCD truly depends on what level the behaviours begin to interfere with your everyday life.

It is great to meet you and take care
:welcome: nice to meet you stonecold :)

i think halo pretty much sums up my thoughts. if this is happening to such a degree that it is interfering with your life then it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor about it. i myself have certain things i worry about, for example, losing my keys, so i am always checking that i have them when i am out. for me though it's not to the point that it interferes with my day so even though it is something i really am focused on, a quick check is all i need to put away worrisome thoughts. other things i tend to check and recheck and make sure it really registers properly with me, it's almost as if i don't trust my own eyes or perception of what i see. but again the double or triple check is enough for me and i can then forget about whatever it is.


Hi Stonecold! Welcome to Psychlinks.

I'm with Halo in her suggestion to talk to your doctor about your behaviour. If indeed your doctor diagnoses Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it's a treatable condition with several options available to you.

There's a lot of good info here on Psychlinks on OCD to give you some insights to help with your conversation with your doctor.

In addition have a look HERE at the NIMH site for info on OCD.

You're no the only one in the world, if indeed it turns ou to be the diagnosis, and cudo's to you for noticing it and understanding you need help with it.

The next step is to call your doctor to arrange an appointment, and tell it to your doctor exctly the way you explained it to us here.

Keep us posted on your progress.
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David Baxter PhD

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If indeed what you have is OCD, it is not unusual for the symptoms (e.g., the ritual checking) to get worse at times of stress and to get better when there is less stress in your life. That, of course, isn't a permanent remedy.

A good starting point is Brain Lock by Jeffrey Schwartz.
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