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I am new to the whole forum thing. So if i have trouble replying or explaining or even doing things correctly, please try to understand that i am new. Its been really hard for me to get the courage to sign up for something like this, but recently my life has taken a turn for the worse. I am a 21 year old male that works full time and goes to college. I dont have the money or insurance to seek professional help where I am from. Let me start with what has happened recently. I am with a 21 year old woman who I love dearly. We went to a college party, and she accidentaly hit me in my mouth. I got mad and walked back to her dorm room. Once she came back there was alot of argueing and I wanted to leave. She forcibly held me there. When I had enough I grabbed her and got her out of the way. I hurt her and she fell against a desk. I got back to my apartment after I left and shortly after she came after me. We argued some more. I told her all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I turned my back on her and she slapped me in the back of my head. I have to admit that I had too much to drink. After she slapped me, I grabbed her

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Its only been about 4 days since it has happened. ...

The police showed up. My girlfriend and I both made statement. No charges were made, and my girlfriend and I are trying to work things out. I have had a history of binge drinking. Alcahol abuse is in my family on both sides. It seems that everytime I am stressed out about life I drink too much and snap. I have gotten into physical fights like this on many occasions. It has almost been 5 years since one has happened. I thought that it was over and then it happened this weekend. I dont want this to happen again. I never want to hurt my girlfriend emotionally or physically. I want to stay with her and live a happy life. Does anyone have any advice on how to help? Ive quit drinking, but I dont think that alcahol was the main reason. I just started college and working 40 hours with an abundance of school work with no money is very very stressful. I think anxiety is also a factor. Stress makes me do some pretty bad things. I also have a huge jealousy problem with my girlfriend. But i will save that for another forum topic. Please help me help myself in trying to fix this problem. I am all alone living in a one bedroom apartment. All of my friends have turned against me because of this. I dont know what to do. Any kind of response would be greatly appreciated.
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See my response to your other post about jealousy. It seems to me there are several issues going on here, some couples issues and some individual issues. If you really want this to be different in the future, you are probably going to need some assistance from a qualified therapist, which ideally would include couples counseling and anger management.
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