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Thought this might help anyone who also suffers flashbacks.

Flashback halting protocol reconciles experiencing self with observing self, (usually) quickly halting traumatic flashbacks

Say the following sentences filling in the blanks, following the instructions:

Right now I am feeling____________________,
(name the current emotion, usually fear)

and I am sensing in my body____________,
(describe current body sensations, cold, hot, trembling etc.)

because I am remembering __________________
(name the trauma by title only no details)

and, at the same time i am looking around where i am now in____________
(say the year)

here ______________
(say where you are, the place i.e., bedroom, kitchen)

and I see ___________
(say what you see around you)

and so I know______________
(name the trauma again)

is not happening to me anymore​

Taken from a work sheet my counselor gave me coming from:

The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment. By Rothschild, B (2000)


That is a great resource. I can see it easily being adapted for situations such as panic attacks, where a form of reality check is helpful
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