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I went and finally got up the nerve to try two different counselors and it did not work out at all. The first one was a psychiatrist who told me that he would not see me unless I commited to a "treatment contract" of drug/alcohol evaluation (by someone else), enrollment in a 12 step program and/or agreement to random drug testing (which he stated I would have to go have immediately after my appt to have). He also could not tell me this during my first appt, I had to come back for a second appt to hear it (and pay another $200). Oh, lest I forget, he offered the suggestion of cutting down on carbs to help with stress!

The second one was a LCSW who was totally nice, but also very bizarre. We spent a seemingly endless amount of time with him trying to contact my subconcious through questioning it and watching my fingers move (when he asked if I was relaxed and I said that I was kind of relaxed he told me to 'smoke more pot' (in my mind but I was really taken aback at first after he said that). That was pretty much the funniest part of this whole thing. After about an hour and a half I said I really had to go. While I very much thought he was very nice and appreciated him being so generous with his time I did not feel like there was much potential in this Erickson hypno-psycho therapy.

So, all in all this was a totally bizarre experience trying to find a therapist and I think I am going to throw in the towel! I can't help but laugh about all of this though.

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Wow. All I can say, Toeless, is that your experiences do NOT represent the norm for mental health practitioners.

May I suggest that when you do decide to try again you look for a psychologist?


That is probably a good suggestion?!? I had contacted a psychologist but that was the guy who was a former police officer and said that the two professions were actually very similar!

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Well, I've never been a police officer :eek:)

I wish I knew more about services in Orgeon. Have you tried the state licensing board? They sometimes have a referral service...

Daniel E.
At the Oregon licensing website, you can search by city, but they only provide basic info online:
Oregon State Board of Psychologist Examiners

From their FAQ page:
What is the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners?
The Legislature established the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners to protect the public by assuring the qualifications and professionalism of Licensed Psychologists. The volunteer seven-member Board, appointed by the governor, is charged with establishing standards for licensing; identifying individuals meeting those standards; and administering licensing examinations. The Board also is charged with developing and enforcing ethical standards for licensed individuals; investigating complaints; and disciplining licensed individuals who violate ethical standards, Board rules or state licensing laws.

How can the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners help protect me?
The Board protects you by assuring that Licensed Psychologists meet national standards regarding their qualifications, knowledge, experience and training. The Board also investigates complaints made by members of the public regarding possible abuses by Licensed Psychologists. The Board disciplines Psychologists when they find a violation has occurred. The Board requires Licensed Psychologists to maintain their skills and update their knowledge with continuing education in the field of Psychology.

How Do I Check a Psychologist’s Qualifications?
When selecting a psychologist call the Board of Psychologist Examiners at (503)378-4154 to make sure that the psychologist is properly licensed. Oregon law requires that all individuals calling themselves Psychologists have a license issued by the Board. Licensing is your assurance that the Psychologist has met the education, experience and examination requirements for professional practice established by Oregon law. The Board also can tell you if the individual´s license is current and whether the Psychologist has ever been disciplined for violating professional standards of conduct.

Board of Psychology : Welcome Page : State of Oregon
This may also be helpful:

Oregon Psychological Association: Find a Psychologist
APA: Find a Psychologist


That's why I said a long time ago that I wish I could go to you for therapy:eek:) It so figures that I found a good Canada!

I actually think the medical licensing board is what I had tried...first I looked over providers for my insurance and then pulled up their licenses and then Google searched them. Both of them had websites that appeared to be a good fit. The licenses didn't really show too much though, just their first reported specialty, DOB, date of graduation/licensure, med school, etc. Then the MSW wasn't listed on there. I actually spent a long time looking for one.

This is just really bizarre...I guess it's the tough love approach to mental can't have mental problems because there's nobody to help you even if you do! All this actually helped though because now that I see how weird the mental health professionals in this area are I don't feel nearly as strange=))

Do you think psychologist PhD or PsyD?
Both the PsyD and the PhD receive similar training. At least they did at my university. I am only a good 8 or 9 hour drive from you. Too bad you don't live closer...not that I am soliciting clients but I would at least be able to help you find a good therapist here. Wishing I could do the same there. Let us know what happens.


That's really not very far considering all the time I could spend looking for someone=) Will you meet me half way? Just kidding

I do appreciate all you good is very sweet of you. It is definitely encouraging to know that there are good therapists out there somewhere!

I just had to post about these two therapists because they were absolutely entertaining to me. I suppose in a way it helped me get over my therapist phobia...I got a really bad reception from the first one and I lived to talk about it....isn't that like submersion therapy or something?=)

...I did not know that Idaho was only 8 hours away!
Hi Toeless,

It depends upon where you are in Oregon but I believe Portland is about 8 hours from where I live in Twin Falls. Finding a "good fit" is important for therapy. I look forward to you finding a therapist unlike the two you have already encountered.


those encounters sound so weird that they'd be enough to scare anyone of!!! but I guess all you can do is keep on looking, b/c if you've already met the crazy ones then there is a pretty good chance the rest can't be so bad! :eek:) could you maybe contact an agency that specifically deals w/ your probs, b/c they usually are pretty up to date w/ research and adovacting things and have connections to mental health professionals treating the disorders they focus on. or what about a hospital to see if they have a list of psychologists/ psychiatrists dealing w/ substance abuse etc. (if that's why you're going). what about a local community health centre if you have those? again, they may actually have a list of someone based on previous referrals to that person for those problems. and last but not least, are you in any support groups? are there any in your area? if you are, often, those people will have dealt w/ trying to find someone as well and might have suggestions for you as to who was helpful etc. good luck!


b/c if you've already met the crazy ones then there is a pretty good chance the rest can't be so bad! :eek:)

That cracks me up...very funny and good point!

It was so freaking weird I couldn't believe it...there were so many more weird parts that I could go on and on. I never in a million years thought that I would be the one to tell the therapist that I was out of time and had to go (the session was lurching heavily into the second hour and I would have stayed but felt like it was going nowhere at all since my hand was not moving). I finally pretended to make my hand say "no" when the guy requested permission to continue with this line of questioning.

Those are some very good ideas. I may also look into Daniel's suggestions too. Honestly I don't even know if I have any measurable problems, I was kind of just going because I thought it could be an enriching experience. I had gone once with my spouse and liked his therapist a lot.

I just got the insurance statement from the first guy...he billed $300 for the first (of the two required) session!! I also had to pay the MSW up front even though I have insurance!

This has been really weird but also truly hilarious...I just had to post about it!
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