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Just curious, i was in the hospital and the day i got out was Oct 20th. Todays like Nov 6th or so, so its been like 2 or 3 weeks huh? It feels like it happened a lifetime ago. I dont like this as my memory has always been cruddy to begin with but lately its getting ridiculous. As my depression is slowly lifting my memory seems to be worse and worse. Is this possibly my pot use catching up to me? Can depression do this to me? Can effexor(150mgs) do this? Dont get me wrong im not complaining too much that my memory of the hospital is getting lost and shoved away. I just worry im about to wake up and barely remember yesterday. Im liking more and more about my life, i want to remember more not less.
I'd say pot might have something to do with it. I used to smoke daily, and I'd always be forgetting things, etc. I went out last night and actually smoked some and had a few beers. Today my mind feels kind of "fuzzy". I only do this about once a month, but I always find it takes a day or two to recover. I would say if you are smoking daily, you are likely affecting your memory, as you are not getting time to recover. I read somewhere that since THC is fat soluble oil, that it can build up in your neurons and thus slow thought processes. I really shouldn't smoke pot though myself because I find it makes my OCD worse for the next few days. I remember on my way home I was always checking things like landmarks, etc. being sure to avoid things/people who may have HIV. Even today, my mind is going back to that stuff. Oh well, that is for another thread.



From all I've read on pot, it can affect your short-term memory only. I often wonder, thought, about selective memory. Sometimes my mind can play tricks on me, I know that for a fact. I enjoy smoking pot and tend to pay twice as much attention to everything when I do so. On the other hand, I know I have some type of defense mechanism in my head that shoves bad memories away and, honestly, I don't dislike this little brain selection feature. Can't dwell on bad memories, doesn't work from me, and that does not mean I'm about to forget about bad things and make the same mistakes again. It's just that I don't really need to suffer and suffer. It's like a relief from the ugly side of life that I can get to forget sometimes. Pot helps me relax and it's fun. I don't drink so it pretty much works like my lil whisky dose by the end of the day, you know, like those ceo's haha. If you feel that you need to remember something specific, though, I'd suggest that you relax about that thing first and then when you least expect it it might come back to you. :)
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