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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser and currently holds almost 70% of the market share. This has been possible due to the fact that Chrome comes with the best features and has a huge extension store to make web browsing fun for the users.The extension store includes ad-blockers as well. Unfortunately, Google has decided to handicap ad-blockers in the upcoming Chrome release. Since most of the websites, including MSPU, runs on ad-revenue, this move is definitely long overdue for publishers. That said, the internet is filled with websites that fill the screen with ads including those annoying pop-up adverts. When it comes to those websites, it’s necessary to have an ad-blocker to ensure you can get the actual content without getting flooded by advertisements.The new proposal put forward by Google is called Manifest V3. The new proposal will change the permission system and will remove the webRequest API’s ability to block a request before it’s loaded. Unfortunately, all the ad-blockers that use the webRequest API will stop working once the update is rolled out.Google has noted earlier that the new protocol dubbed as declarativeNetRequest API will allow ad-blockers to work but it will have limits which will reduce the effectiveness of ad-blockers. Even then, developers will need to release updates to the ad-blockers to make them compatible with the new API.With Google potentially handicapping ad-blockers, it might be time for users to look for alternatives.

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