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My name is Alexis and I live in the midwestern US. I am a behavioral science student and am also taking behavioral evidence courses through Forensic Solutions. My psych interests include sex offenders, antisocial personality disorder, and offender risk assessment. I came across the site while looking for information for a paper I am writing on sexual homicide and have really enjoyed the content so far. I look forward to many interesting discussions:)

David Baxter PhD

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Welcome, damoosebelly (interesting nickname!).

Just one caution:

Please bear in mind when posting that some of the topics in which you express interest may include material that could be potentially triggering for many other members here. It is expected that graphic details of crimes will not be posted here at PsychLinks. That said, you are free to discuss issues of diagnosis, treatment, and criminal justice.


Welcome, damoosebelly. Like Dr. Baxter, I'm intrigued by your handle. I tried to figure out how to shorten it, but neither "belly", nor "moose", seemed quite appropriate. ;o)
Thanks for the welcome:) The handle is a really long story, but I acquired the nickname based on a very odd fairy tail, my sister started calling me moosebelly after that, and it's been about 11 years now. I keep it because I don't ever forget my logins and I don't ever have to worry about it being unavailable for use:)

Just by the by, I have had my own personal encounters with sensitive private issues and have every intention of keeping my discussions mindful and respectful. Past experience has sort of helped me discover my desire to understand the psychology of certain types of disorders and behaviors, partly to understand myself better and partly to gain a better insight into things I have experienced. I am a perpetually recovering self-harmer and only just really started to see how I ended up that way in the first place. It has been enlightening and forums like this are helpful because of the gentle and sensitive nature of the discussions. I really appreciate this as I have encountered stares, murmers, and crude judgments about my own scars. I am looking forward to finding out some great information and conversing with other people who have been through like experiences as well.

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