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I'm Sonnenblume, a girl. I live in Russia and i'm 21.

I'm a bit entangled in my life and my thoughts, i used to be guite an aesthete, and made my world smaller and smaller, by ignoring things which didn't belong to my values, and now i feel that i've arrived at a point, wrere there is no more place to live and develop oneself. So, i believe i've reached a deadlock, and now i want to start building a new vision, to get nearer to people and to things around me. I have to understand, how to do this, so i hope to get some ideas and inspiration here, in this forum.

Thank you.


Welcome, Sonnenblume! I'm assuming you live in Moscow. I was there with my parents when I was a teen. It's a fascinating place!

We're glad you're here with us. I do hope you can find the support you need to move forward with your life in the direction you seek. :)
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