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Do family members make your life harder with emotional cruelty or stigma?

  • no

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • yes

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • some do

    Votes: 4 40.0%
  • all/most do

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I joined some time ago ( I think... -just call me "lightning brain":rolleyes: ) but have just gotten back to this group.
All I've seen of this site looks good.

At 17-19 I led a normal life, enjoying college, but after a wildly wrong diagnosis by an inept dr after I'd gone into schock w/ grief, I gave up on my life. Now, at 43 (when did I get this old?!), I'm still trying to resume something of a normal life.

I have finally ceased trying to please and be what others wish me to be, and acept myself, faults, foibles, warts and all.

I have: GAD, OCD, mild ADD, very mild but irksome TS, Situational depression, occasional panic attacks, learning disabilities. My ADD makes me incoherent. I can't express myself nearly as well as I wish.
Also, I am, ludicrously, a dyslexic bibliophile:read: --an irony I've yet to appreciate. I depend upon unabridged audiobooks.

I'm outgoing, just enjoy people generally, garrulous *she means she talks a lot* But my family -the 2 remaining, besides my elderly father--choose not to get to know me, nor do they even entertain the merest glimmer of the idea that they should accord to me the simple ordinary respect they accord others.:mad: --which hurts me deeply.:tearyeyed: It's odd considering that my brother has more serious mental problems than I. He & his wife look on me as a freak. Since my brother & his wife moved next door the rejection and emotional abuse is incredibly more immediate. I can no longer avoid thinking (&thinking&thinking) about it.

I'm isolated except for the internet. It's as if I'm tied to my puter via an umbilical cord. I spend all day online, mosly playing games on pogo w/ internet friends.

I lost my confidence & have become nearly agoraphobic.

The things I most dislike are cruelty, hypocrisy, and beiing patronized. What I value most highly is disinterested kindness, honesty, and empathy w/o condescension.

I can be (am) stubborn, overly-sensitive, and sometimes too quick to take offense.

I tend to retreat, far too easily. I'm trying to get stop doing this for I know it leads to much greater suffering and it's too hard to emerge from isolation.

Humor is what keeps me sane. To my great good fortune I'm well able to laugh at myself.

Sorry to be long-winded. If I edit this I'll never get back to it.:red:

So, that's me... in a large nutshell.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all, and to mutual support. I seldom have advice beyond the obvious, but I've been told I'm a good listener.:grouphug:



Re: GreetingsFromTheSillyHatSate:p

Welcome back, Cynthia. I'm glad you decided to post and share with us. It sounds like you'll have a lot to offer to many of the conversations that take place here. :)



Yep, was wondering how it relates to Penseroso... and whether I need to answer it personally.[in which case, the answer WAS yes, and now IS no...]
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