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Hello Ladies and Gentleman.

I happen to be a little apprehensive about joining this forum, but I've decided to do so since I'm even more apprehensive about the thought of visiting a psychiatrist. Such things have such horrid social stigmas attached to them, mainly arising from public ignorance no doubt.

I am scared, very scared that I possibly suffer from "something". I don't know what since I have no knowledge of this field. I don't know anybody with psychological issues and I've never visited a psychologist. I am hoping someone on this forum could advise me a little.

I am now 24 and I've had my problem since 14. I hear a voice in my mind- seemingly ominpresent- and it provides me with instructions to do simple, trivial, things. Whether it's making tea, washing my hands, turning off light switches. I may need to repeat these activities until I perform them to the statisfaction of the voice. In addition to this voice I am very reclusive, hiding away in depression from social acitivies with others because I tend to be suspicious of others, or because I immediately feel like I have nothing in common. Like people do not and never will understand me. I prefer my own company even though I feel so lonely. And here, in this isolation, I find myself thinking strange ideas and odd notions- worrying about the expansion of the universe, or about life after death. I feel as though I have some weird, special abilities, some kind of extra senses or extra intelligence that the voice has given me.

It seems that the condition has worsened over time and now I'm find myself growing mentally tired much quicker and more apathetic in general, which is why I'm seeking advice. I'm growing so exhausted by this suffering.

David Baxter PhD

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What you describe could be more than one thing, HeWhoWalks.

I understand the apprehensiveness about seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist but, first, it's important to get an accurate diagnosis of the symptoms you're experiencing, and, second, be assured that whatever it is there will be help available so you don't have to continue to struggle with them.
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