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Hello all,

First off, i must deeply apologise for the potentially large amount of threads i may be starting (if i can't find answers in the search) in the near future due to the many questions i have about myself (narcissist, ofcourse) and others.

I would like to also ask if it is possible to close this account and open a new one, as i would like to remain a bit more anonymous, i know the IP may still be visible/recognisable to the moderators or whatever, but i don't want anyone who knows my recurring username to find me.

I can't remember how i found this forum - i joined a while back and for some reason never re-visited, but now i want to learn and felt an introduction is needed.

I've been lurking a bit and i can tell that i am going to have an amazing time learning. Unfortunately, i already greatly envy many of the people here who know so much about psychology, and just from the way i write, i am sure they know what i'm wearing, age, and my entire life history and perception of life! I used to study psychology at AS Level in college, but forced to drop it as i did badly in it (i have an excuse, but i feel it would be disregarded, but anyways - girl, liked alot, couldn't move/speak, no concentration, no confidence, not good).

Thankyou in advance and i can't wait.
:welcome: portboy! i would direct your question about closing your account to the admin, dr. david baxter. nice to meet you and talk soon :)


Welcome to Psychlinks Portboy :welcome:

I'm glad you have found us and I hope to see you around :wave:
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