hi all im new on here, mynames caz i wanted to post here cos sometimes i get hallucinations there not scary just faces on patterns, i just wondered if you had to have all the symptoms for schizophrenia b4 having the condition or just one or two, any information would b greatly appreciated.


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First, you'd need to determine if these are true hallucinations as opposed to visual illusions or visual aberrations/anomalies - step 1 might be to get your vision checked.

Second, if they are true hallucinations, there may be other causes rather than schizophrenia, including substance use or abuse.


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Welcome Caz :hello:

Here is a cool link that was past on to us, its called check up from the neck up http://checkupfromtheneckup.ca/

You may want to book an appointment with your doctor to make sure things are ok.

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just wanted to say welcome :) :welcome: and i think others here have already given good advice.