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I get told that im weird a lot and it is reallly easy for me to just believe it and hard for me to think otherwise. I dont have friends, so I dont have anyone telling me that i am ok just the way i am and that we are one. so when I go out there and someone even looks at me weird i fall to pieces and think, "aw man, they see through me, yes, something must be wrong with me." WHat can i do to change this?


it would be easy to believe things someone tells you if one, you don't have a high self esteem and know that what they're saying isn't true or doesn't matter or two, if you don't have "facts" to back up knowing that what they're saying isn't true... I've said this b/f, the people that say that you're 'weird' say that b/c they don't understand. their opinion is based on pretty much nothing. they don't have all the background information and they don't care to find out and just take the easy way out- and judge you. I know it's difficult to let it roll off of you like water, it's almost impossible, but all you can do is try to find things that make you feel good about yourself, so that in the end, no matter what someone says, you know that it can't be all true... do you have a particular hobby you're good at? or even something you've never tried but would like to learn? sports, grades, poetry, music, languages, craftworks...anything you can think of.... you are unique in who you are and you might not have friends to tell you otherwise, but we can tell you here that you're not 'weird'. you're just you. all the history, all the bad stuff, it's part of you but so is all the good stuff and all the potential you have. I choose to see the potential in you. why judge you based on your past or the negative things? also... I know what you mean w/ thinking that people MUST be judging you when they look at you but you'd be surprised... maybe they're just starring off into space or looking at you b/c they like what you're wearing, think you're pretty, or think you resemble someone they know.... we don't know, right?


At your age, sweetie, it's not uncommon for your peers to say things like: "You're weird!", just to get your goat. They'll do it even more if they see it gets to you. The best defense is a good offense, and the best answer is: "Of course, I'm weird? Aren't you? Normality is sooo boring!" Then, just grin. ;)
Sadgirl, Im in the same boat you are. I don't have any friends at all. And people tell me that im weird all the time, but i just say i know. I think thats just what makes a person unique. I went to school in big city with alot snotty kids and all through high school i was teased tormented i was even called a dike a few times. And ya that stuff hurt alot there for it made me not trust anyone and when some one looks at me all weird i get to the piont of whats wrong with me is it because I dress funny or cause I have booger hangin out of my nose or what and the only thing I can think of is maybe there jelouse because they don't look as good as me? yeah right. Im so sorry that people look at you in a funny way. take care.
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