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I have been seeing a therapist for a couple of months. The thing is whenever we talk about something that is not easy for me to talk about, I tend to forget what we have been talking about in the first place. That is 5 minutes into the conversation, I have no idea what we have been talking about. So she has to ask the question again or restate what we have talked about. This happened so many times. My therapist has realized it and asked me why I can't concentrate sometimes but I just don't know the reason. I was wondering if any of you has experienced something like it or if you have any idea why it might happen.


I experience that sort of thing as well. I?m not sure what really caused it to happen before (Right now I?m fairly ill and forget simple things such as how to spell my name usually for a short amount of time until I?m reminded or don?t remember past things at all - So I won?t include the recent times it?s happened) but I think it was not wanting to remember and subconsciously blocking it(Something not easy to talk about) out while trying to bring it up which caused me to forget what the question or topic of discussion was in the first place.
Or sometimes it may be that my senses were just too ?in-tune? because of the feelings involved and I was thinking of what happened or how to phrase it when the therapist moved or a dog barked outside and I completely lost my train of thought.

I hope that was understandable.

Maybe this is true for you, too??
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