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Having a Baby: Anxious Dreams Common in Early Motherhood
September 11, 2007

New mothers and women who are about to have babies often do not get a lot of sleep. And when they do, a new study suggests, their dreams may make them sorry that they did.

Writing in the current issue of Sleep, researchers say they have found that pregnant women and those who have recently given birth commonly have dreams in which their baby is in danger. The dreams can be so vivid that the women call out in their sleep and move around the bed.

The researchers, Tore Nielsen and Tyna Paquette of Sacred Heart Hospital in Montreal, said pregnancy and birth were known to influence dreams. In a high number of cases, the dreams are of infants in peril, provoking ?anxiety in the mother that often spills over into wakefulness.?

The researchers posed questions to 273 women who were pregnant, had just given birth or were in a control group. One dream in particular recurred among different women, and involved a fear that the baby was lost somewhere in the bed.

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Dream-associated Behaviors Affecting Pregnant and Postpartum Women (Sleep)


I remember the dreams like vivid they were.Dreams of the babies being harmed,then one gorgeous Oct day when my youngest was 8 weeks old,three teenagers tried to break into my house while I was alone with the baby

It has seemed that one of my greatest fears came to life,luckily I was able to keep a somewhat cool head at the time...but later,shock set in and I had my very first panic attack that night...


Wild dreams when your pregnant and soon afterward! The big nightmare of the month is dreaming that when my baby is born I look down and he isn't breathing and no one is doing anything to help him breathe so I am in a real panic while everyone just stands around looking bored!!!
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