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Hello all :)

Not sure how much to write here in the introduction..but here goes..

I'm a 36 year old mother of 3 wonderful kids..A daughter aged 15 and twin boys aged 9.

I'm from Denmark,so excuse my language sometimes.:rolleyes: ;)

Have just got the diagnose ADHD on one of my twin boys and just been on a course for parents with ADHD kids and it have scared the h*ll out of me..

I'll probably start out reading a lot here,hope to read some positive stories,and get some good advice on how to handle it all.

We have never seen him as "sick" ,that was just the way he was..
He haven't started on Ritalin yet and I don't know what effect it will have on him,hope it will be good for him..

Don't think I have more to say now :rolleyes:


Hi RaiAngel and welcome to Psychlinks :welcome2:

I am sure that you will find some insightful information and suggestions here and I hope to see you around :wave:


A warm welcome to you, RaiAngel!

Feel free to post anything you feel like and don't worry about your English.

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