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hello i am new and would like to inroduce myself. i am 41 and have been under the care of various physicians since age 13. i fall under a major depression, anorexia, borderline personality disorder sort of umbrella. i take alot of medication. i live in columbus ohio usa.
looking forward to becoming acclimated with this forum.


Welcome, Lauriecolson from Ohio. Hope you can meet and share with others who have similar experiences here.


HI lauriecolson
Welcome to the forum!

My husbands Uncle lives in Canal Fulton Ohio, we try to go out there each summer to visit him.

I love Ohio, it has so many charming craft stores to visit. And craft malls, and flea markets that are giant! My favorite is the one in Holmes County.

Berlin is also a charming place to visit out there. We usually spend a day visiting things in that area, and a day never seems to be enough!

Happy to have you here!

i've never been to the places you mentioned, i do love flea markets though! antique shows come to the state fair grounds sometimes. i live in columbus so it is pretty much buckeye central!


How close to holmes county are you? And I think that there is a flea market in Medina? Not sure, the one I am thinking of just built an indoor mall. It used to be outside, now they have an inside and an outside. And of course I can't think of the name of it right now. They are open on mondays, and not sure if its any other day. I do know it brags about being the largest flea market around.

When we first started going to Ohio in canal fulton there was a neat craft store called the barn, but they did so much construction on the streets around canal fulton, closing of 93 and 21 at the same time, that it cost canal fulton a lot of business loss. Sad that they didnt do this a different way. The amish out there are wonderful. Pa's amish used to be really nice, but through the years it has become so built up around them that they are actually migrating to Ohio.

Its so beautiful out there. Uncle would love for us to move there, but my children are here. Hubbie has even suggested moving to arizona, thinking it would be better for my health, Oldest wants me to move to california, but I love New Jersey. This is my home. I love to visit other places, but home sweet home is where I wish to live and die.

Nice chatting with you. And its always great to know someone who lives in ohio.


David Baxter said:
My daughter used to like a bumper sticker that said, "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping".

Hmmm, that must be me, went shopping yesterday with gift cards in hand, and happily found out I droped a whole size! Give me shopping any time ;>)
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