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Ill spare you my life story...So with that said- Im 20 , 128iq (i know , that doesnt mean shyt, but at least it proves im not a total idiot...right). I started experiencing anxiety, sadness, and confussion due to overthinking of everything (Oh and coffee made my 'episodes'(?) a whole lot worse). I just could not relax...Because of this I stopped going to school and lost contact with my friends, started drinking and spending most of my days at home alone. My parents made me see a psychologist (She said I was guarded the whole time(?)) and a psychiatrist right after, who after spending an hour with me said I was hard to diagnose and wanted a few more visits with me (I never went back). I stopped drinking almost four months ago and recently went back to school...Problems seem to have become worst. I am doing very well in school. Academically very well, but Im poor socially...I just can't seem to have a real conversation with anyone, even this really cute girl who keeps trying to talk to me or even the teacher...! ----Sorry I got carried away

What do you know about mental illness? Have you been diagnosed with a form of it? Does mental illness cause brain damage?

-Answer if you want. Im just tired of this crep!


It's difficult to sort out exactly what you're trying to get to, Absent. I think, perhaps, you've tried to include too much in one post. Maybe, if you could break it down a bit, we might be better able to help you.

To answer the questions I'm able to take from your post:

Mental illness does not cause brain damage. Brain damage can be caused by a traumatic birth, an accident, or certain disease processes.

I was diagnosed with depression at one time in my life. Through therapy and medication I was able to overcome the problems associated with my illness and am doing fine now. My daughter is bipolar. She, too, is able to live a relatively normal life with therapy and medication.

If your problems with the social side of life are troubling to you, perhaps therapy could help you sort some of it out.


H! I am responding because it is Valentine's Day and my heart aches for anyone else whose heart aches. I could have written exactly what you wrote when I was twenty. My life story would not help except that it has been like a roller coaster ride with some wonderful happy times and some terribly sad times. This suggestion is my own advice to myself which I find very hard to take because I am still extremely shy (probably SAD) and find it very difficult to talk with anyone. Speak with a doctor for a complete physical check-up and a therapist for some emotional help. Sometimes a friend is helpful and it seems like people here are willing to listen and respond with kindness and caring.
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