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Dear all,

I joined this forum since there are times in my life that are a turmoil. Then I cannot comprehend what is happening and what can I do best. I need feedback from others then with an independent view.

I also would like to get more information on certain types of behavior of the people around me, to straighten things out. What for other people can be perfectly normal, for me it might be the opposite. So then I search for views from others.

I also bring along a lot.

I have much experience in many feelings: panic, depression, anger, grief, survival, pain, all kinds of human emotions. For many years I had to deal with them in various ways. What I find very important is to give acknowledgement to feelings a person can have.

Thank you.

Hi Suzette

Hopefully you will find what you are looking for here, in terms of other peoples perspectives. I hope that you also find understanding and empathy within the forums for some of the emotions that you spoke about.
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