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I suppose I should tell you about myself.
Im 18 years old. Actually I turn 19 in 5 days... eek! I was diagnosed with depressio 2 years ago... Then an anxiety disorder... and finally Borderline Personality Disorder. Im a cutter... Ive been cutting for 5 years now... I actually had the most amazing therapist who I love with all my heart. She was able to help me stop... and I did... for 8 months. Then I had to leave her, and she quit doing therapy.
She also was able to revive a repressed memory that had been haunting me since i was 4 (edit admin.: details of memory). My parents divorced when i was 9. My dad has gone to drug rehab twice since then, he has an addiction to pain killers. My mom remarried.
Hmm... Well I am currently at a college in PA... but my home is in GA and since it is too hard for me being so far away I will be transfering very soon... next semester really.
I am a theater major currently but want to switch to psychology.
Hmmmm... if you wish to know anything else just message me.
Thank you so much for allowing me here.


Hey Aniston! I know this reply is a little delayed, but I guess never late than never! very happy belated birthday, lol! I wish I would have read this b/f reading some of your other posts, so you will be switching colleges to be closer to home? Good! It sounds like that's what you wanted and need, and then w/ a fresh start if you wish to purse Psychology instead of theatre, go for it... you can always do theatre on the side if you still feel like it. Well, glad to have you here w/ us, hopefully you'll find these forums helpful, interesting, insightful- whatever it is that you'e looking for. :eek:)
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