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I am a new member from england called Julie. I have been ill for 4 years with a motor conversion disorder. It has been hard to cope with the bizarre symptoms at times. Last year my mood was very up and down so soduim valproate was prescribed which has helped to stabilise my mood and surprisingly helped the movements and myoclonic jerks as well. Unfortunately its not working quiet so well since October but i am always worse in the winter. Also when i increase my activity levels the movements get worse. I would like to know if there is anyone else who has had these experiences, its hard to find information . i have met a couple of people in hospital with strange conditions and it has helped to have them to talk to. i think it is beneficial to share experiences and support with others, especially mental health issues.So I hope I can be of help .

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Welcome, Julie.

This isn't an area I know very much about, unfortunately, but I think there are others here who may be more knowledgeable.
Welcome Julie,

I have a current client who was diagnosed with Conversion Disorder. We talked about it for a couple of sessions...she then had one of her episodes where she appeared to fall asleep and fell. The ambulance was called and arrived to find her wide awake. She has not had one episode since this fall. It is important that you receive therapy as soon as possible. My client had all of the tests to show she did not have a seizure disorder or narcolepsy. Medication and therapy are considered the best treatment. I hope are able to find healing soon. Best wishes,
welcome julie nice to have you here i hope you find the help and the information that you need on this site
nice having you here
yours trully
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