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I'm new to this site and discovered it in the search for help with my depression. Many of the posts have provided valuable information for coping and not feeling so isolated. I just wanted to be in contact with people who really understood.

I was diagnosed with depression last year but I can honesty say that I had depression since childhood. In August 2005, it became unbearable when I experienced anxiety attacks at a new job - the job of my dreams. Sadly I had to quit because I couldn't function. I had crying spells and dreaded walking to my office everyday. At that time I decided that I needed to do something and get to the bottom of my illness. I am currently on an anti-depressent but still have problems with insomnia.

Anyway this is a wonderful site and will come back to it often. Thanks.


Hi vicki67!

Welcome to Psychlinks. I'm sure you'll find lots of great information and great people here. :hello:


Nancy we posted at the same time and used the same smiley!!!!

We truly are two of a kind...scary some days!


Hello Vickie,

Welcome to Psychlinks. Feel free to join in any of the ongoing discussions or start one of your own.

It took a lot of courage on your part to seek help with your illness, but the end result is worth the effort.

Depression is an illness that can be treated but sometimes takes a bit of time before you and your doctor find the right combination of medications that work for your particular brain chemistry.

Let your doctor know you have difficulty sleeping, and to help your doctor, be sure to specify the exact nature of your insomnia. It might be difficulty falling asleep with racing thoughts or waking up early in the morning with difficulty to fall back asleep.

During your course of treatment there might be some bad days, but as your treatment progresses, there will be more good days than bad days.

Keep at it, Vickie and don't give up.

How is your personal support system, family and friends?


:welcome: to Psychlinks, Vickie! We're glad to have you here with us, and hope you can find like minds with whom to share your ups and downs. Most of us have been there, so we do understand. :)
welcome vicki67, glad to have you with us. :wave:

i was wondering about your insomnia, which anti-depressant are you taking and at what time of day do you take it? some of them may have the side effect of causing either drowsiness or of waking you up more. if the latter is the case, then taking it at night would cause problems with your sleep. i suspect this is what happened to me when i first started my medication.

also i was wondering if you have been prescribed any sleep medication to help you get a good night's rest. i found that sleep has made a big difference in recovering for me. you may want to discuss options with your doctor if you haven't already done so, and also, there are sleep medications out there that aren't habit forming.


Hi Vicki and Welcome,

I am sure you will find many people on this site that you can connect to.
I have always found an "ear" when in need. I was diagnosed with depression approx. 5 years ago but I also have panic attacks and insomnia.

I also would like to say that I have come a long way from 5 years ago and now have some tools to deal with my panic attacks. By the way I am also taking the antidepressant Zoloft.

Again Welcome and hope this site is what you are looking for.

Take care :)


Hi Vicki and welcome to the boards!!!! I'm glad you found us here as this is a great place for support and information :)
In friendship


Thanks everyone for your warm welcome!:wave:

To TSOW: I don't have much of a support system nowadays since I've left my last job and I'm now living in a new city.
My family is plagued with problems that most don't speak to one another. Just the same when I was diagnosed,I sought help from my sister, whom I trusted and thought well of, but now has caused me so much grief. After a heated argument with her, she decided to characterize me as "crazy" to all her friends and neighbors in retaliation. That is why I had to move in with an old friend who was also subjected to my sister's point of view. In the long run, J. didn't believe her but still can't bear listening to me either. My brother, however, has helped me through my anxiety attacks and he makes every effort to comfort me whenever I phone him. He is my only support and he lives nine hours away.

To Baseball Cap: I was prescribed Trazodone(Desyrel) and take it at 10 pm. I did mention my insomnia to my doctor and he didn't give me anything for it. I will ask him at my next appointment.


Hi Vicki

It really doesn't sound like you have much of a support system and I can really relate to that. Before coming to this forum I had nothing but one psychiatrist appointment a week. No family, no friends, nothing. It was lonely and I didn't feel like anyone could understand. I just want to reassure you that I am glad that you found this forum because this is like finding a family that understands you, doesn't judge you, is an open ear when you need it, you can shut it down when you don't, you can get suggestions from others, you can offer your suggestions of what works for you, truly it is a least it has been for me. I honestly don't know where I would be without it. So overall I just wanted to say that I am really happy that you are here and decided to join us and please feel free to jump into any conversation or start your own.....make yourself at home. :)

I agree that maybe addressing the insomnia issue with your doctor at your next appt. will be helpful because lack of sleep can affect so many things.

Take care...hope to see you around more :)
hi vicky the trazodone indeed is for insomnia and also depression. i was told by my doctor it was pretty light. it's probably a good idea to tell him it's not helping with the insomnia. let us know how it turns out.
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