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Seems like I think about therapy a lot so today it occurred to me to look for online forums about therapy. :) They weren't too easy to find, but I did stumble on this one.

I started therapy about a year ago because I seem to have the same pattern in relationships. I find it really difficult to be close to people. I even have a hard time saying what I mean by that, but (as I wrote in another post on here), I sometimes feel like my lovers are just acquaintances that I happen to sleep with (even when I'd been with them for years). Therapy is helping a lot. But sometimes I get stuck on things in therapy. I thought this might be a place to post about that occasionally to see who else is out there.... :)

So hello!


Hi Sidony and welcome to Psychlinks :welcome:

Glad to have you with us and I hope to see you around more :wave:


Hi Sidony,
welcome to the family! Looking forward to getting to know you, and I'm sure you will love it in here.

There are so many truly caring people in here.
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