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Hi everyone,

I stumbled across this place earlier today while looking for psychology/self-help forums.

I'm a lot happier and healthier now than I've been in years - I've been off antidepressants for almost two years, I haven't self-harmed in seven months and my eating and alcohol consumption are rapidly improving. I'm much happier with work and personal areas of my life than I was four years ago.

So why am I here? I recently finished seeing my therapist after almost three years, which I'm happy and excited about. But I'm also feeling quite alone and vulnerable - I'm feeling the loss of therapy more than I anticipated. I still have a lot of work to do [a lot of growing (up) to do] and this looks like a place where I'll be able to find support, challenges and information.

I look forward to getting to know you :D

nice to meet you charlotte :) i've finished up therapy fairly recently as well and was surprised as well at the impact of missing it. this forum is a wonderful place, i am glad you have found us.


Welcome to Psychlinks Umbrella :welcome:

I am sure that you will obtain the support that you need and hope to see you around :wave:
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