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I do not work in this field, but I am a satisfied customer! (lame attempt at a joke here.) I'm single, 33, live alone, consider myself fun and outgoing most of the time. I love my family and my friends. I consider myself pretty down to earth and although I seem to go crazy in times of crisis, most people turn to me for help and advice for their problems. I've been told more than once by professional therapists that I should consider becoming one myself. But how could I help others when I can't help myself?

I have taken a few classes in psychology in college, I have done some research on certain disorders as my mom has chronic depression and a form of schizophrenia. Sometimes she stops taking her meds and has a relapse and usually it is my responsibility to somehow get her to a hospital and check her in without her consent. It is like a recurring nightmare.

I have been to therapy before during a breakup and it was helpful. It was more of a psychodynamic path of treating me. I also saw a psychiatrist who prescribed Wellbutrin and I took that for a year. It was comforting to be able to talk to someone, but it didn't leave me with practical ways to cope after the fact. Because 3 years later, here I am again with the same problem. I am interested now in CBT, and I plan on obtaining some books about it. I am going through a breakup that is debilitating and I cannot cope with it. I have also discovered I have some anger management issues because I tend to take my frustrations and bad moods out on other people by snapping at them. I don't know how to stop my obsessive thoughts thinking of my ex with his new girlfriend. I don't know how to stop the repetitive thoughts I tell myself, how I will be alone forever, that I am a failure, that I should not even try to be happy.

I am unemployed right now, and it has made me feel even more discouraged and down on myself. I feel as if I have lost everything. I had a great career (computers) and I keep getting laid off. I cannot afford therapy or medication, but a friend of mine found this site and recommended it to me. She is a psychologist and lives in Texas, but at one time she was my roommate when she was in grad school. She has been as helpful as possible, especially pointing me to resources such as this one.

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The David Burns book I recommended in reply to another of your posts has sections on anger, depresson, anxiety, etc. I highly recommend it as a starting point.


Hi QGirl, welcome to the forum :)
You have had a lot to deal with it seems, (especially lately) :(
Well done for how you have helped your mom...

I hope this forum, and some of us here, might be able to make a positive difference in your life...
Stick with it, if you can, and see what happens...

You say... 'how can you help others when you can't even help yourself?'
I feel a bit like that at the moment...
However, as I read your post, a phrase came to me, (it's the title of a book I saw)... called The Wounded Healer.
We don't have to be perfect to help someone else, which is very reassuring to me :D
'how can you help others when you can't even help yourself?'

Maybe your in the best position to help people.

I think I would want help from someone with first hand experience. They probably could be moreunderstanding in some ways.


Actually, I do find it easier to focus on other people's problems rather than attend to my own. Funny how that is.
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