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Hello everyone. I'm a 16 year old female who has been going through some hard times for the majority of my life, at some points more than other times. I know I don't go through as much as most people, but it still gets tough at times none the less. I am an active member on another forum where I go daily, but felt the need to go somewhere that would be a little more helpful, as I am well known on the other site, I feel awkward asking for help. I love music, all kinda, especially jazz, I am looking at either going to a music school or culinary school, but will most likely end up at a home town school because that is just how things end up. Well I have rambled for long enough.
I've been debating where to start actually, I'll probably wait until it hits me a bit harder, I usually start to feeling things more as the night goes on. I've been sitting with a new post open and just didn't have any idea what to say, so I'll get there in a few hours probably. The basics I guess are that I am not really sure how to handle things lately because there are a bunch of factors stopping me from getting help and actually seeking people out in real life. Meh, years of things stopping me, my parents want me outside now, so I'll have to dive into all that later once I get back.
I went ahead and posted in the depression forum, not sure if thatw as the correct place for it because it has a few things, so if it's wrong, move it wherever.

Thank you for the welcome, janetr. :)


How are things? I see you haven't posted here for a few days. I hope you are finding that we are a helpful bunch here! I am going to read your other post in Depression now.......I'll be back......:)
Well I come on quite a bit each day. Whenever I'm at home, I'm in my room, whenever I'm in my room, I'm on the computer on between my three forums, I spend quite a bit of time here everyday.
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