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I'm trying to find some information to help my friend. He is 21 and collapsed last week, seemly for no reason. Since this happenned he has almost totally lost his memory. He can still talk but can no longer read, write or regognise his friends, family or suroundings. He has been advised to rest by his doctor. If anyone has any advice on anything we can do to help him remember anything or if anyone has been in a simalar situation then please get in touch. We are feeling pretty helpless at the moment! The only thing we can think of that may have caused this is that he has been under a lot of stress lately. We would really appriciate any information. thankyou

David Baxter PhD

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It could be a number of things, Sam, including some sort of stroke.

I think it would be best to be guided by his doctors at this point. How you can best help him will probably depend on what caused it.
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