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Hello everyone, obviously I am new and I am glad I found this place. :) I hope it will help as I have unresolved issues from both the past and present, and I will gain insight into just making my life and world a tad bit better. Better in the terms of free from all my psychological suffering, if you put it.

A little bit more about me. I am a female from Ohio and I am attending college to hopefully one day recieve a PhD in history. That is my dream. I really don't know what else to say about me, I am not that interesting of a person.


:welcome: , kry6808. It's wonderful to have you here with us! I think you'll find a home here, as many of us have. We all have unresolved issues, and this is a great place to work on those amongst people who will not judge you, but will share what they have learned with you. Many hugs and a hearty welcome! :grouphug:



btw, I'm sure you are very interesting, and I know you are special, so don't forget it.

We are all unique and all put a certain amount of life into other peoples lives that we cross paths with. Sometimes we don't even realize that we do it.

So have fun, and enjoy your stay with us!
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