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Howdy all,

I'm in my mid twenties, male, I have been diagnosed with depression, avoidance and dependance disorders. I think I may have some OCD or something like that, I have major social problems and I get a lot of anxiety and such when dealing with some of my problems.

I have tried several anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills and none help my mood, the only pills that helped me where these ones that make me go into hibernation for when I get like racing/random thoughts. I took them a few years ago and my memory is horrible for names and stuff so I can't remember what the name was.

I really think a lot of my problems are to due with self-esteem/confidence/dependance. I think when those get better I would feel better overall, I think that is what has brought on my depression. I have been depressed for around 6-7 years now and I have no friends but I do live with some family. I really hate to be alone but being with people is so hard to deal with that often feels horrible to. I can't stand to be alone with my thoughts, I always have to be watching tv or on the computer or talking to somebody. Even when I go shave or make some food I will feel really, really lonely so it makes it really hard to do things when I feel lonely so easily.

I can only really remember having one friend my entire life that I wasn't completely dependant on and that was when i was like 8 or something. The few other friends I've had I always did want they wanted, I would almost never phone and initiate anything.


Thanks for the welcome.

I have been in therapy before but I'm not right now. I would kind of like to go again but I'm scared to because of past events.

I'm not on medication either. When I first got depressed I tried every medication doctors told me to try and no anti-depressant helped. In fact one pill made me gain wieght so fast I got stretch marks from it and another damaged my memory so I'm done with those for now.



Welcome to our family. I know you will meet people in here.

I know how you feel in regards to self esteem. One thing to remember though, we are all special people and all of us have something to offer to each other.


RBM said:
I hope one day I learn to appreciate the special things about myself as well as others. :)

You will, it just takes time, and encouragment, which I am sure you can get through lots of people in here.

I know you are a special person, God doesn't create anything that isn't special when he creates us. Its up to us to find that which makes us unique, and to use it. No matter what it is.

Learning to reach out is important in the process, and you have already taken that first step ;>)
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