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Hey everyone.
My name is Alex, a very good friend of mine adviced me this site, so I decided to check it out on my own.
I have seen that people here are very kind and understanding, I'm a MD from Mexico city, right now not MD because I moved to Canada. Last year I was studying residence program in ob/gyn for one year.
My hobbies are:drawing, composing music, chatting on line when I can, talking on forums, roleplaying, dancing, and don't forget the main one, STUDY the Toronto NoTES for my exam(waiting for result right now)
I'm a patient myself, I'm a bipolar disorder diagnosed one, it happened al;most one year ago, currently under treatment with clonazepam, lithium and biperidene. My mood has improved since now I can work and I'm allowed to study again, yes I'm taking behavior psychotherapy and group therapy which has helped me a lot, so I think coming to this place was a great idea.
Hope you can understand me and that I understand you too, or I can help in anyway. I'm always open to chats on AIM, YIM and MSN, when I'm on line of course.

Thank you everyone.
sammy said:
Hi Alex :) Welcome!!
Hope you will find something on here to help with life...

Thank you for your support. I will try to log in more often to see what's going on and hope to participate with the whole community


Welcome, Alex! Your life actually sounds very full and interesting right now. I hope you do well on your exams, because we need more doctors here! I live in the Greater Toronto Area, and the need for qualified physicians is great.

Bye the way, when you qualify, you weren't thinking of moving to the Brampton area, were you? Just a doctor is about to retire!
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