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Well, I guess a bit about myself first. I am 20 years old and am in my 3rd year of college, working on my degree for Criminal Justice. When I graduate I plan on doing one of three things starting, Cop, Fireman, or EMT (Ambulance Rider). I'm not completely positive atm, but I believe that it will end up being cop, as that has been my goal for the the past year year and a half. I am currently training in the martial art Shorin-Ryu, still a noob there as I am only an orange belt, but going strong:).

Despite this apparently happy situation and pleasing life I seem to be leading, I really feel that I am messed up, in more ways than one. I have been looking through these forums and believe that they can really be of some help to me. I don't really feel the introduction is the place to go into detail, 'sides, I dont much have the time atm, as I have to be up early for class tomorrow, I will end up posting in at least 2 forums here though I believe atm though, lol.

I hope that I can also be of some help though, I worked with a friend of mine who was extremely suicidal among other things for a little over a year and finally succeeded with him in terms of convincing him finally to go get help and tell his parents, so I hope I can offer helpful advice whereever I can. :) I think that year also helped me with listening and patience as there were alot of times when I would end up just listening to him talk for several hours.



welcome Silver :eek:). It took me a second to figure out how atm stands for EMT (ambulance rider) but then you mentioned it several other times and I realized... it's for "at the moment", lol. Well I hope the forums will be of some use to you...
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