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I work at a pace that makes me dizzy sometimes. I have developed a few ideas over the past 30 years that may help you if you work in a similar environment. I believe it has saved me from going crazy and I am still able to cope and quite like what I do for a living.

1. Don't take your day out on your family. If I have had a bad day or one that was just plain overloaded I come home, drop my keys, call my dog, kiss my wife and go for a walk.
2. While on that walk I set a goal. I want to see at least one new thing, bird, animal, person or plant. This gets my mind completely off work and before I know it, I am back home, sitting with my family and I am not sure where I left the days stress.
3. Make "arms length" relationships with your clients. I guarantee you that if you get too close, you will not be able to cope and it isn't healthy for either you or your client.
4. When I leave my office, I get in my car, glance up at the office building then take three deep breaths. This to me is symbolic of leaving it all there.

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This technique can be adapted even if you don't have a convenient place or the time to go for a walk.

My habit is to come home and head for my home office for 5-15 minutes. I'm in there ostensibly checking email but the understanding with my family is that I'm "unwinding", part of which is getting a few minutes where I don't have to talk or listen to anyone - they know that once I'm "unwound" I'll be out and fully available who any and all, but that time, except for a crisis or something else that demands my immediate attention, is "my time". Basically, it's understood by everyone that I haven't really arrived home until I come out of my office.

This system has worked well now for several years...
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