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I'm worried about my best friend in which I found out is anorexic. She feels that she's too fat and won't seem to agree with me that she isn't fat. I wonder if girls are more variable to this then boys or is that just a stereotype. Anyway I have a hard time getting her to see a doctor because she feels that her eating nothing is normal and I'm worried that her diet plan is more of a death plan. Can this be a form of suicide?
from what i understand this is not a form of suicide, but it definitely is a disease that could lead to death. she may not realize how dangerous it is what she is doing to herself.
the thing is you have to give her time to really feel the need to get help i know it sounds rediculous and that well it is hard to let your friend go and not do anythign but the thing is she has to get the help for herself not for anyone else because if she does it for you or for someone else she won't ever get really better ! talk to her not about how much she eats what she eats or her weight but about how you are worried that you love her and that it hurts to see her destroy herself this way just start by talking and see what that does
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st - i do not understand the ins and outs of eating disorders, but from what i understand there's more going on that just the belief that she is fat. her whole self-image is distorted, and more than likely something else is going on with her beyond "i'm fat". i think that is just a symptom, maybe someone here could confirm that. i would try to learn about eating disorders as much as possible to gain a better understanding of it.

ashley kate - what made you realize you needed help with your eating disorder? perhaps this could be of help to superiority tails as well.
the thing is i have had numerous hospitalisation against my will and believe me when people tell you that you are sick or you have a probleme and you are not ready to believe it treatment won't work .. I feel that i have come to terms with the fact that anorexia is a disorder and not a friends not an ally and not something that you can relate too I also am at a point that i knwo that iam anorexic so i no longer need to denie it( once you get diagnost with it denial slowly leaves) to recover i believe youhave to look at the good and the bad and as long as you still find there is more good than bad in your behavior you will never get better cause you will always have a reason to go back it will stay an escape but once you are sick of it and that you can't take it anymore there is some sort of wake up call ( i hope) and you just wake up you see yourself through everyone elses eyes it is not easy to get better but oce you realise you need to once you have the motivation you can make it cause you can do whatever you set your mind to and my way of encouraging myself to keep going is to repeat "if i was able to starve myself cause i wanted to then i am surely able to eat to be healthy cause i want that too "" but mainly the person has to feel ready
what you should do is not get a document not let her read anything if she wanst she can but what youcan do as a friend is make her feel human don't give her book s and stuff cause anybody can do that... don't talk to her about her probleme cause anybody can do that don't tell her what you see cause everyone can see that just tell her how you love her and how she is a greeat person and how this eating disorder is not a friend not a way out and it is destroying who she really is ! if she doesn'T feel she has a probleme han talk to her about what you see what you feel and make her see that her losing weight will not push away or make dissapear her other problemes that youare there to talk if she ever needs it just make sure that she knows you are there give her one long talk and if she doesn't see with that how you want to help her remind her that you will be there for her when she is ready!
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