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I'm having a really hard time with this..... somehow I always end up being the one giving others advice on how to be healthy, happy, eat a balanced diet..... I don't know why I'm always put in that position, I guess I choose to be so, b/c I can't stand hearing my friends or other people talking about how they're fat or need to lose weight (when they dont') or just ate "bad" food and the list goes on.... I dont' know if people really do talk so much about eating and body image and diets or if it's just something I'm ultra sensitive to picking up on. I have had people ask me how I am so "skinny" or how I manage to eat so "healthy" - my friends always bug me about being thin but they're just as thin and healthier (trust me)... even my family thinks it's great that I'm so "health conscious", and I mean I am really aware of all of that and try to be healthy but there's just a whole other side to it.... and I mean I stare at them, thinking "if you only knew"...and then go on to describe how it's all about being healthy and not just about being skinny and how you should eat balanced meals and from all the food groups and exercise (even if it's just walking whenever you can) etc... I'm glad to 'pass on' that knowledge and it's surprising how many people don't know the basics about food & nutrition & health. I guess I've read more than enough about all of this all these years, b/c of having an ed and being interested in that stuff and b/c of classes I've taken, research I've read and been involved in etc.... sigh. I don't know.... is this a good thing or a bad thing? being able to be 'objective' and help someone like this or should I stop being so hypocritical? I feel like I'm being really hypocritical and fake, but I also feel like I should say something and help people if I can...even if I can't even beging to 'help myself' so to say.


There's nothing wrong with sharing what you know about nutrition and health with others, hon. The problem lies with the way you're looking at yourself. You're not being hypocritical by telling others what you know about living a healthy life. They've asked. You answered. You're not your ED. You're you. :)
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