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I dont know if anyone can help with this,, what is the cheapest and easiest way to connect or use two computers together with only one monitor/keyboard/mouse? I dont want to keep unplugging stuff into one and then the other, there must be a way?

The one computer is a couple of years old, the other about 7 years, one has XP the other Win98, they are both different makes, I only want to use the newer one for going online, the older one doesnt have modem at the moment. Would be grateful for any help or advice, thanks!


H! I checked with my computer consultants and they offered one possible solution which I will pass on to you. You will probably need to take the information on both your computers to a computer store to make sure it is compatible with your computers and possibly for instructions on hook-up. It can be purchased for around forty dollars. I know nothing about computers so this may or may not be helpful.

Two Computers, One Solution
The D-Link 2-Port PS/2 KVM Switch (KVM-121) enables you to control two computers using only a single monitor, PS/2 keyboard, and PS/2 mouse. This PS/2 KVM Switch also allows you to listen to music or download files from one computer while having full access to the other computer?s system resources.

A computer store might also have other suggestions. Mari

Daniel E.
A KVM switch is a good solution provided it's not of cheap quality since usually the weakest link is with VGA signal degradation. Good bargains on KVM switches can be found at online stores like, with deals often mentioned at

I only want to use the newer one for going online, the older one doesnt have modem at the moment.

Since you don't mention why you are doing this, it seems weird to be using the newer computer just for online use, using the older computer for everything else.
Thanks Mari and Daniel, Just quickly looked for KVM switches and there are loads will check out the correct one for me later, Thanks for your help:)

Daniel, im using the new computer for everything:) I just want to be able to access the old one too but not go on line on it, I want take some stuff off it and put it on the other, and also still use the old one for storing stuff and playing cds and for just messing around on:)
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