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    "The voice of negativity says, 'Get real'. The voice of possibility says 'Get started'."
    Donna Satchell, posted by littlerabbit


Aug 17, 2005
I need to focus on the things I enjoy instead of worrying about recognition and changing the world at the moment.

Sounds like your therapist has been reading the advice Psychlinks members have been telling you all along.....or maybe we're all trying the same thing!

I think if you intend to make progress in re-orienting your thinking, you will have to start believing the advice of the people you consult.

starting my own fashion business

Whatever you intend doing, whether it's design, production, marketing, sales, distribution, you need to have solid business training. A dream to start a new business venture is not enough, and can set you up for failure, unless you have a business plan that can withstand scrutiny by your bank manager or an accountant that you need to be working with you.

You need to consider financing, cash flow, overhead and inventory costs.

Do you have the capital required for such an enterprise? Do you have a five year business plan, which is a basic requirement for anyone looking for start up capital or financing, not to mention a sound market study that identifies your potential client base.

If you are not prepared to provide your bank manager with a business plan, then I suggest you get a job as an employee in your chosen field, learn the market build up some equity and do some market research and develop a business plan.
Sep 15, 2011
I am well aware about financing, but right now don't know enough to know how much money I'm going to need to get started and stuff like that. I think getting a job at a clothing store and learning the way a clothing business works would be best for now. Also can't some of the money I make at work eventually go towards starting my own business. I have been thinking hard about this and I realize that I'm going to need a lot of people who can help and support me. But first things first I need to work on a business plan. My therapist and I kind of got started by writing down the things I would need in my business plan.

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I can't seem to focus my mind on something else. It seems the only thing I want that can make me happy is control and to change the world to be the way I want it to be.
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