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hello ,
? well my sister has panic attacks very often now especially during school because well she is unable to stay in smalll spaces and before she was able to indur being in a class room as long as the door is open and well now the teacher has started to keep the doors shut do to the noises form other classrooms witch causes my sister to freak out and start hyperventilating and even when we are in a mall and we are on? the escalator with a lot of people she feels as if she is missing air and so many other situations and i would really like to be able to help her and to understand but i just can't it just seems so surreal i don't know how she can be so scared of it when well according to me there is lots of air for everyone.
i don't know how to help her..
yours trully

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Ashley, there are some things that are best left to professionals. You cannot "cure" your sister's panic attacks... that will require counseling/psychotherapy and propbably medication at least in the beginning.

It's distressing when you are close to someone who is struggling but really the best you can do for her is to try to be supportive when she is having difficulty and to encourage her to seek help from someone who has experience in treating anxiety disorders. Panic disorder is not difficult to treat for someone who has the proper training and expertise.


I whole heartedly agree that you have enough on your plate already but I do understand wanting to be there for your sister- after all, she is your sister. I found a site that might help just to give you some ideas but it would be best for her to go see someone, b/c she can get better but she needs to see someone for that.
Helping a family member
It is also important for family members to keep in mind that the recovery process is stressful for them too. They should build a support network of relatives and friends for themselves. Remember that with proper treatment by a mental health professional anxiety disorders can be overcome


I agree that your sister probably needs help from a professional. To convince her to seek it, you can tell her a few facts (of course, just based on what I understand from your post...):

Other people have the kind of attacks you described in such situations. If she goes to see a therapist, he'll understand what she's talking about and he won't think she's weird or crazy. It's not that rare, and there is good treatment available. What she experiences is a type of anxiety, and generally, therapy works very well with anxiety problems. In fact, many experts say anxiety is the type of problem that therapy is the most successful in. Many people with problems that sound, by what you describe, somewhat like your sister's, can get rid of the problem completely with therapy. It's not a guarantee, but it's hope. Good luck!


Yes I definately agree professional help is in order hun,

I know that it may not be what you want to do, but sometimes it is important, and I also agree that you have so much to think about already. Your sister is very very important, however the most important person for you to think about is you.

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