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Things to say or do to beat the thoughts:

  • beat into a old pillow!!! that you really don't like and if you want you can name it a name that can signify your disorder and just hit it when you get mad or when you start feeling depressed .. cause that will help you release the frustration toward something other than yourself
  • observe the parts of you that you like! and don't try telling em that you hate everything about you cause that is not true look at old pictures of you not specifically when you were thinner but rather when you loved yourself if you can't find anything pretty about you and just focus on the positive like for example i love my eyes! and my noes and well my hair is not too bad! those are things that you can work on to gradually like who you are! and not only the physical stuff the personality as well and then again look at how you were before the e-d
  • allow people to compliment you don't always try to push it away cause even if you don't love you others are aloud to love you and think that you are pretty! and you can't' hate them for that!
  • play with animals talk to your pet if you have one .. animals never judge you weather you feel fat or sad or ugly they don,t care really they love you cause you love them !
  • paint your room change things around try to start off fresh when you decide to really work to getting better ! dye your hair go shopping changes styles do everything to just be relay be you for once and not a disorder!
  • get rid of the clothes in your room that are too small and i know you have that little dress or that little shirt or whatever that you are trying to fit in let it go don't force your body to become what it shouldn't be . let it be!
  • Love yourself! paint your nail put makeup on dress yourself nicely not in old clothes way to big for you !
  • remember the times that you tell people that this is terrible that no one should ever live this that you would never wish this upon your worst enemy "THAN WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING THIS!!!! since when did you become your worst enemy ! okay i made that sound pretty mean and like easy to change no it is not easy but start treating yourself as you are your own best friend and not your worst enemy!

yours truly


paint your room change things around try to start off fresh when you decide to really work to getting better ! dye your hair go shopping changes styles do everything to just be realy be you for once and not a disorder!

I want to paint my room black cuz white is shiny but then black is sorrowful color. (my browser now set all sites background to black)
Or paint my room purple cuz I love it but then purple is depressive color. (my website is purple!)
Red? Seems too blazing, too shiny or ugly then.. green? looks boring.
I want to paint my room into a forest =p .. I don't have the skill and paints right now.
i actually painted my room a very flashy green that at the time felt right about 2 years ago when i got out of my 5th hospitalisation and i felt like it would help me get back on my feet to change the room were i once was an e-d to my room ashley's but after 2 yeras i realised flasy green was a bit over rated but it made me feel better it made me feel like i could start off fresh!
  • spend the day with kids from 0 to 5 years old and play with them laugh with them just to realize that the hole time you are with them they don't judge you they don't care if you are fat thin or ugly they love you cause of what you are in the inside.
  • (it may not work for everyone ) if you have a family member that is really sick that has a terminal illness or other and that needs a smile go talk with that person go look death straight in the eye through them and see if you are really ready to face it! and when you start to get sad because you feel helpless and scared for him wounder if you are ready to acknowledge that your slow deterioration makes everyone feel that they are dying and they can't do anything. you may not see it that way but they sure do!
  • try to find out what you really want and don't even think about telling me you want to be thin!!! you want something so much more than that like me i don't want to grow up but i finally realized that weather i like it or not i am !
  • smile just spend a day with a smile on your face!


Ashley these are great!! I'm so glad you're doing well and looking at these positive coping strategies. Here's some of mine:
-put pictures of yourself HAPPY at a healthy weight on your mirror so you see them every day.
-throw out the mary-kate and ashley magazines
-stay away from negaitve websites
-don't watch triggering tv in the evening especially.... I find myself very sensitive to any tv that has stuff with models/etc.... or even on mental illness because it's so stigmatized and I find myself self-diagnosing and wondering if I am (or should be) sicker than I am.
-find someone you care about who struggles too and gives you an objective perspective on how your illness affects others. Don't be triggered by them, but work to support them by supporting yourself too.
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