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I don't want to focus before I go to sleep on what happened, but I would love to be able to train my mind on one particular repetitive nightmare. In reality, the man that attacked me, got in while I was sleeping and attacked me, but in one repetitive nightmare I feel as if I am looking down on myself, fast asleep; I can also see him coming up the stairs. I feel I've got to wake myself to get to the door to secure it before he can get in; I have managed to do this twice and then woken up.

I would like to be able to train my mind to be able to get to that door each time so that I can go to sleep knowing that I wouldn't be frightened of it again. I know the reality of it can't be changed, but maybe I can do something about that nightmare. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I can't think of any way to do that. I am sorry that this is something you are having to deal with though.

It sounds scary and hard.
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