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I could totally kick myself in the rump today. I went to the Nickleback concert last night with my sister in-law .. and yup you guessed it....I totally freaked out in there, I had to leave after about 25 minutes, I told her I was going home, So now i don't only feel back cause i am out the money for the ticket but I also feel bad cause i left her...I am so angry with myself for allowing this stupid freakin anxiety to take over my life, I have had it with it..I needed to vent sorry, thanks for listening.



The recovery process is made up of gradual improvements with occasional set backs. You cannot beat yourself up for the occasional set back, but rather see if you can learn what it was about that incident or environment that caused your panic attack.

That insight can be helpful in averting a similar situation in the future.

Venting is good!



I can tell you that being at the same concert (working it) I found it quite overwhelming at times as well being with the 14,000 people in a small venue and with the loud noise. I too had a higher level of anxiety that night.

Like Steve said, you shouldn't beat yourself up for a small set back. You at least attempted it which was more than you may have done some months back.

Take care :heart::heart:


Good job for getting through 25 minutes!! I don't think I could have done that! Try to view that as an accomplishment.
I don't struggle with anxiety nearly as much as I used to, and honestly, I don't know where it went. Maybe it's the meds, maybe the therapy, maybe some other change I've gone through. But I am confident that as life changes you, your desire to conquer your anxiety will better you, make you stronger, and that one day you will see Nickelback perform their last song.


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Hi Christina,

I have empathy for you. I experience the same type of panic and at times, the same frustration. As I was in the helping field myself, I was frustrated even more because I thought I should know better.

I also use to think that I was extremely outgoing and could do anything, be around anyone, travel at the drop of a hat. Truth is, I have planned most of my life around the panic and other PTSD symptoms.

What has helped are a few things; For myself knowing what my body is doing helps for some strange reason - it was explained to me that my nervous system is more sensitive and can't take so much stimulation. That helped stop the thoughts that I was weak and not strong enough to "tough it out". (It doesn't work all the time :) ).

I also have an exit plan where ever I go. I stay by the nearest entrance or at least where I can see one, if I need to leave because I am overwhelmed I do; I am starting to trust my instincts. And no one knows that I have it all planned out, my secret.

I do know the frustration, And I have just learned that I can't do big crowds anymore and I want to congratulate you for lasting 25 minutes. Did you enjoy the show while you were there?

Its a process thats for sure.


It also help me to write this down. Its a reminder to myself to stay gentle.
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Christina, you are waaaaaay braver than me! I couldn't even go near something like that! Not only did you go, but you stayed 25 minutes. That's a great achievement, in my view, for someone who suffers from panic attacks. Really.


You did the best you could, Christina. I'm sure your sister-in-law will understand why you had to leave. From my perspective, if someone suffers from an anxiety disorder, the fact that they'd even consider a big concert like that is something! I'm surprised you made it as long as you did!
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