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I can only make this staement due to the fact that i have been in numerous relationships and have learned many things, ask your questions and i would be more than happpy to share my opinions.

David Baxter PhD

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The fact that you have discovered some "answers" that work for you in your own relationships does not necessarily mean that they will apply to soneone else's relationship, though...



you are right my experience does not mean that i will have the right answer, we are well aware that everyone is different and react a certian way to different situation , but i can be of help by sharing what i have learn.

David Baxter PhD

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I think a better strategy is to read posts from other members and offer advice or support where you can... or if there are issues you are concerned about or questions that you have, post them.

I don't think you're going to get a lot of responses to a general post that says. "I have the answers... what is your question?".


Your answers are right for me, IF I am you.

No, I'm not a therapist or any such thing, I just know
that every individual has a whole history and a whole
life that the answers must be "custom-fit" to everything of
that individuals mind and life and fit into their present
life situations and relationships .... everything in context,
elst it's simply "out of context" and unlikely to work out well...

I long for the fast food generic one-size/one food fits all,
... we are just too diverse in everything to be able to do anything
but 'custom fit" answers though.

Having said this ... I also listen to the wisdom of others experiences
and thoughts. I don't always learn from my own mistakes and successes,
but have often learned from others mistakes ... or successes ;)

If we were all the same and lived the same mindsets, values, and spheres,
answers would be more simplistic and generic and work for all ... but we're not.
Aye ... and there's the rub, eh?

Keep it simple? I don't think so LOL ... but i sure wish we could.

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