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My name is William. I am 18.

I believe I have OCD (Showed all the signs as a young kid, and it has came back recently)

But I self diagnose myself alot lately, because I feel different. I feel changed (due to drug use or for whatever reason...)

I think I may have BPD, but I also believe its very possible I dont and these things are just fears...

My "symptoms":

I change moods often I think...just last night i went from worrying about what my mental health state was, to not caring and feeling happy, to crying about it for 10 mins to not caring again and watching TV. This may just be normal...I try to practice my own cognitive therapy andI take an OTC medication called Sam-e.

I feel alone, or empty sometimes. I realize it and feel it at different times, its strange. It may be because I dont tell anyone whats going on with me...

Im constantly dealing with myself, and I feel like I cant connect with people (like my parents) because of it. I feel its not right and dont see how I would ever stop it...

Ive obssesed over the question "who am i" before which caused me alot of anxiety but I was able to get some control over it with cognitive practice.

I have a girlfriend ive been with for 8 months now. I love her alot. She is what seems like my only escape from these problems so I have an intense attachment to her....But weve had some honesty problems, and sometimes i find myself WANTING her to mess up or lie to me so I can be mad at her for it....

I could very well be just over analyzing...tell me what you think.

I want to get help, but I dont want to worry my parents and I dont know how to find it. I hear my campus (junior college in norcal) has a health center for problems and such, but I dont know if its just like volunteer help or licsensed practitioners etc?


Normally, the help centers associated with colleges are staffed with well qualified people, Sinate. They're there to help you, and it's good to hear you are in college so that you have a place to turn for help. By all means, go to them and tell them what you're feeling. I think that will be a big step forward for you. :)



I agree with TL that you should probably drop in the health centre at your college and speak to them about what has been going on with you and let the trained professionals help you with diagnosing and dealing with what you are going through, after all they are the professionals and will know what to do. You are quite lucky that you have that resource to turn to which can be done in confidence being that you are 18.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
Take Care
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